Fido Fit

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Lately I’ve tried to get more motivated to become more fit.  I figured what better way to get motivated then to have your Dog go with you?  Atka has been dragging me up hills lately and it’s been great.  I burn on average 400 calories an hour!  I get fresh air and the dog gets in a good walk.  Beats the boring tread mill for us both.

Atka Trail Head

New Member of the Family Atka

We’ve had Atka for a while now but I’ve been busy living life so we haven’t posted for some time.  She is a rescue that is part shepherd  part malinois.  She is very energetic and keeps you on your toes.

Midnight Update

Miss Midnight is finally put on her weight and looks good.  Just in time for Winter to come.

Midnight has come home

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a horse of our own here.  This pretty little girl is in need of some groceries and muscle but she’s very sweet and we’re happy to have her here.  She shares several of the same bloodlines as my stallion Red did.  She is a Tennessee Walker. Can’t wait to see how she fills out.

In the Neighborhood

We’ve had a lot of snow recently, almost 5 feet in the month of March!  Here is just a little view of our neighborhood and family.

Cowgirl Christmas

We’re way behind around my house these days, with work, house remodeling, and more, so don’t let the odd out of date posts throw you LOL.  This was Christmas around our house this year.

A Cowgirl Wedding

I always said if I ever got married again I would want a simple wedding, true to who we were.  No fairy tale hoopla, just real.  I married the love of my life in February, out in our good friends yard under a large pine tree covered in lights.  The guest list was small, the reception simple, all done in the comfort of our neighborhood with friends and family.  Now my husband is not a cowboy, he is an iron horseman, but he loves the outdoors just like me and we figured this was a great way to celebrate.